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Hi there! My name is Simon Hembert and I am specialized in game development with Unity/C#. I have worked on different projects for desktop, mobile, VR, video mapping, using 2D and 3D.

I am passionate about games since I was a child and started playing on my Super Nintendo. As a young adult I choosed to do a master degree in Pole 3d school in the north of France.

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The Last Spell

I have worked on The Last Spell a bit less than two years as a Game Developer. It was my first job in CCCP and also the biggest project I have worked on for now. My mission was to code the gameplay in Unity/C# and integrate the visual effects, user interface, etc. I have learnt a lot, working with other programmers and discovering some new code architectures. Can't wait for the release!

Check out the game on Steam!

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Time Rift

Time Rift is a personal project I developed during 2018 after my studies with a friend of mine Charlelie Tillard. I was in charge of gameplay and tool programming and I also learned a lot of things about creating my own studio in Plaine Images incubator (Tourcoing). We are currently working to release it on Steam in 2021.

Feel free to visit the Steam page!

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Rescue the driver

I have worked on Rescue the driver as a Freelance game designer in April 2018 for Loom Prod. It is a video mapping game shown on the last tram stop in Denain in France. Players have to play with their own smartphone using the internet connection. They are all controlling a unique small tram ship voting on their phone in order to move and shoot. The goal is to rescue the tram driver!

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Phobia is a one year student project. It is a VR narrative horror game using the HTC vive. I was in charge of the game design and I also worked on the Unity development. My main work was to design an immersive narrative to increase the player's investment in the virtual world. I also prototyped my own gameplay features and developed some production tools in Unity.

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Elves Factory

Elves Factory is also a video mapping game. My work as a freelance was to manage the game design and the Unity development. It has been shown on 2018 for Christmas on the city hall in Saint-Quentin, France. The players had to help the elves to repair a broken plane using the right elves tools on their smartphone. The goal is to build the best plane before the time is up.

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It is a 2017 Global Game Jam project where 4 players control spaceships and have to use their shock wave ability to throw asteroids on the other team's base. I was in charge of game design and I also work on shaders, VFX and SFX.

Feel free to try the game!

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Mutation is a short mobile project designed during a workshop with Ankama during my studies. I managed game design and Unity prototyping. It is a casual real time strategy mobile game where the player has to control cells, make them evolve and defeat enemies in order to finish the levels.

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Make Ludum Dare Great Again

It is a Ludum Dare game HTML5 game where the players need to throw coffee to their team to increase the work productivity. The goal is to finish the game production before the time is up. I was in charge of game design and Unity development

Feel free to try the game!

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